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What’s the different between Hidden Files and Hide Folder?


There are two kinds of hiding in SKYBOX:


1. The “Hide” folder is an actual folder in the directory that is used to hide files from apps other than SKYBOX. So that the files in the Hide Folder can only show in SKYBOX. You have access to it when you plug your device into a PC.


2. The “Hidden Files” are the files you want to hide inside of SKYBOX. This aims to provide a personalized and private playlist which you can keep it to yourself (with a 4-digit password protection). The way to use Hidden Files is as following:


(1) Open the folder in which contains the files you want to hide.
(2) Click on the upper right side menu on the files interface, and click on “Hide Current Folder.”
(3) You can hide more files/folders.
(4) To hide/show all hidden files/folders, click on the upper right side menu and turn on/off the switch “Show Hidden Folders”. You will need to input a 4-digit password the first time you turn off the switch. This makes sure that your hidden files are protected.
(5) Hidden files will disappear from all history/collection.