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Does SKYBOX support hand tracking?




SKYBOX supports hand tracking since v1.0.4.


Follow the steps below to use hand tracking feature inside SKYBOX.


FIRST, please check if you have enabled hand tracking feature on your device.
Navigate to Oculus Settings in App Library and go to Device > Hands and Controllers and tap Hand Tracking to enable this function.


SECOND, launch SKYBOX and open Global Settings. There you could find the In-App Hand Tracking option. Turn it on to use hand tracking.


Here’s are the gestures we support:

When watching videos, we designed a mini control bar for quicker adjustment on the video.


From left to right, functions are:

  • Exit: Go back to the SKYBOX main hall. 
  • Rewind: Rewind video.
  • Play/Pause: Play/pause/replay the video.
  • Rewind: Fast forward the video.
  • Allow Pinch / No Pinch: Click once to disable ‘pinch’ function of your hands which prevents calling up the interface by accident. Point the icon again to allow ‘pinch’.


We will keep improving the hand tracking feature in the future releases.


If you have any suggestions or questions, please reach us directly at contact@skybox.xyz