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Add suffix to help recognize the correct format

The following rules apply to SKYBOX versions across all platforms after SKYBOX V0.2.3.4.

3D format
3dv, TB, Top + Bottom, OU, Over + Under, HOU, Half + OU, Half + Over + Under
3dh, LR, Left + Right, SBS, Side + By + Side, HSBS, Half + SBS, Half + Side + By + Side

360, 360°, 180×180, 180°

Fisheye aka Youtube 180
F180, VR180

EAC aka Youtube 360

The ‘+’ sign could be replaced by one space or any sign or nothing.
You do not have to worry about the order of the two information or capitalization.
The default setting is 2D normal movie (2d screen).

Some examples:
moviename.mp4 (2d screen)
moviename_360.mp4 (2D 360)
moviename_360_TB.mp4 (3D-topbottom 360)
moviename_180x180_Side-By-Side.mp4 (3D-sidebyside 360)
moviename_EAC360.mp4 (2d EAC)
moviename_F180_OU.mp4 (3D-topbottom Fisheye)

Enjoy 🙂