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3D/180/360 Playback
Why doesn’t it look right when the video is playing?
The 3D movie seems a bit off, what can I do?
When I call up the control panel while watching 3D video, the image seems much clearer?
Does SKYBOX support Youtube 180 (Fisheye) and Youtube 360 (EAC)?
AirScreen / PC Client
What is AirScreen?
How to use AirScreen?
Why can’t I search for devices or connect to my PC Client?
Why the ongoing AirScreen video sometimes buffering?
After establishing the connection of PC Client and mobile phone, can I use the phone to control VR content?
Can I connect multiple mobile VR devices to a PC client to play video?
How can I change the display name of my PC on AirScreen?
How to play videos on my local media server?
How to turn on Media Streaming in Windows?
How to forget SMB username and password?
Can I delete videos on a SMB share?
After updating SKYBOX to the newest version (v0.2.0 and after), I cannot access/play videos in the SMB folder?
How to adjust the position and size of the screen?
How can I hide a video from phone’s gallery?
What’s the different between Hidden Files and Hide Folder?
How to load subtitles and select audio tracks?
How can I add videos to “Favorite” list?
How can I delete videos?
Could I sort files differently in SKYBOX?
Add suffix to help recognize the correct format
Does SKYBOX support hand tracking?
How to view the video in the phone?
Why can’t my video play?
Why some of my videos are not showing up?
Why SKYBOX is not compatible with my Android phone?
Controller Mapping on Go/Gear/Quest/Rift